Infinite Body Alchemy

Your body is an infinite wellspring of creative life. When you re-embody, all of your lived experiences, emotions, and stories become power to fuel your purpose. My artistic and coaching practice invites you to explore your infinite body.


Hi, I am Jenny Ann

My Vision and Mission

I envision a future where the systems and cultures we create together are deeply connected to the earth, where people do not feel shame or fear vulnerability and are connected to the wisdom of their bodies, the land, and their hearts. My mission is to be a mapmaker and guide through the death of one era and the birth of the next. I come to this path with 15 years of experience studying collective trauma and social, cultural and political systems and participating in social movements. I believe the collective solutions live in the land and in our bodies and that art, embodiment, and communal rituals of healing are the most effective ways to create the change we want to see in the world.

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“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”




Embodiment Leadership Training

With and through our body we see and sense the systems were are living within. We feel what is loving and what is harmful. In order to heal, we need to move towards and through what is broken. This is the impulse of the Healer and the Leader. The Soma is our primal operating system, she guides us to find what has been broken, lost, or harmed- in ourselves, others, and the world and to make it right. In this program you will receive the right supportive conditions to establish a resilient base-line of safety, belonging, and dignity as you step into deeper somatic healing and service.


Trauma isn't what happens to you but what happens inside of you in the absence of a loving witness

Dr. Gabor Maté


Emma Ocean, Shadow work Facilitator

“My experience with Jenny was nothing short of transformative. She created such a safe and comfortable space for me to journey within- so much life and magic was experienced in my body. My personal myth came alive- I was able to release all I needed to. Seeing the the images that she had captured was changing moment as I’ve never seen myself in the light that she captured... soft, fierce, and feminine. She has undoubtedly tapped into her dharma and creates magic with every snap.”