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Somatic Alchemy Leadership Training

What I offer helps ground that expansion and energy into your body, into your vision, into your embodied mission and creative life leadership. Working with your animal nature, this is a journey for the oracles who hold great vision (or want to) and desire to freely move with courage, ease, grace, and grit into the wild future we are birthing.



I am a wild woman, rebel mystic on a mission to re-wild the world

I am a humbly feral woman who evolves through the energetics of experience. I have discharged so much of the Patriarchy from my body and am so excited to be stepping up to lead others to do the same. With equal grit and grace, I have a fierce passion for activating women into their life's purpose and have met that calling in many different ways in my life.



Feminine Leadership Studies

This sanctuary is mystery school for the way-showers, the embodied leaders, the rebel rousers, the femme liberators who are seeking out their wolf-pack. On this 3 month journey, we will enter the terrain of our animal bodies, expand into our untamed wilderness, heal down our ancestral lineages, and expand safely into greater abundance and service.

I am a trauma-informed somatic practitioner, soul strategist, and multi-demensional artist. 



Building an embodied relationship with your wild soul

As a mystery school based in wild feminine embodiment, so much that will move through this container will be unscripted and beyond our control. That is Her way. But we need a masculine structure to hold the wild feminine as she moves through us. The following curriculum was drawn together for such a purpose.


Approaching And Entering The Wild Body

Somatic's 101. Tracking sensation is the most essential skill in re-wilding work. And most teachers overlook it, because it is on the subtle level that we regain our instinct and intuition. Until we are able to track our nervous system responses, our intuition will be easily distorted with the Maya. Each week you will get a new somatic practice to help you approach and enter your soma.


Ancestors and Memory

When we enter our wild earth body ecology, things get edgy, real quick. Ancestral memories flood our nervous system and uncomfortable sensations, thoughts, images, and even visions. we are remembering the pains and the gifts of our lineage, of our human evolution. Ritual is the oldest technology we have to transmute darkness into light. You will access and enliven rituals from your own lineage.


Nervous System Repair

Our deepest healing when we move out of our habitat nervous system responses. As we begin to re-wild, we create more space in our bodies, we are able to unfreeze a massive amount of trapped energy. Pendulation, titration, self-regulation. These buzz words are foundational practices in power reclamation work. We need the predatory and at times, the prey. You will gain mastery of your nervous system and her day to day needs.


Courage and Confidence

As feminine beings are rapidly regaining our rightful place as leaders in the world, there is a collective genetic mutation taking place. By reclaiming our power, using our voices, and re-wilding our bodies we are transforming the world. Along with our bodies, our thoughts, emotions, ideas, and even our culture is becoming untamed in the process. Feral is the messy and chaotic place where we are between realities. Learning to master the feral frequency brings you into deeper resonance with the now, with the power of creative energy when you face your fears and leave your comfort zone behind.


Battle Scars

Grief tending is an essential leadership skill in the coming age. Refusing to grieve is the quickest way to kill of our instinct and intuition. The Wild Woman knows how to hold us while we grieve. She can bear our screaming, our wailing, our wishing to die without dying. We will learn how to grieve ourselves and to hold space for others.d



Can you feel her?

Sister, I know you do!

We are in wild times. The ground is rumbling.

Mother Earth is asking us to return to our bodies, to our wild,  untamed natures. It can be overwhelming at times, these ancient and wild ways making themselves known after so many years of suppression and denial. 

Just like your body, your business, your brand, your purpose is an ecosystem.

There are peaks and valleys. Rivers and deserts. Forests and estuaries. Areas that are vibrant and biodiverse and areas that need to be replanted and restored. Before you can really let your business and your brand run wild, you need to get a sense of the terrain- inner and outer. 

These wild times call for wild bodies, wild minds, wild hearts, wild souls. Wild moving, wild desire, wild creating, wild relating, wild trust, wild belonging.  

The resources that we have within our blood, bones, hands, feet, wombs, hearts, lungs, nervous systems are essential to access and use and are really the only resources we need in order to access and live out our desires, to life a live of purpose and prosperity, during greatly challenging collective times.

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A Master Mind turned Mystery Body.

I am not training you to become a master of your mind. I am inviting you to dive into the mystery of your body. The quicker we can drop our mental obsessions, the quicker we dissolve our separation from life, from Spirit, from what is divinely awaiting us. 

We meet a total of 3 times a month (all lives are available for replay). Each month we cycle through a different theme 

  • Monthly live embodiment rituals to meet and move with our animal bodies, regulate our nervous systems and explore new somatic terrain 

  • Monthly transmissions with myself or a guest teacher (replays available)

  • Monthly wild leadership circle- what is your wildest vision and what do you need to embody this vision?

In addition to your group meetings you will also receive a 1-1 mentorship session with me to receive integration support on your wild embodiment journey throughout this program

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Take Your Pick. There are options. I believe in equity pricing. I want this space to be inclusive of those from different financial positions. If you have the means to pay at the premium price, know that you are supporting someone at the discounted option.



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