Collapse: Call Me To The Places That Hurt

On Transforming Grief and Embodying Hope

Collapse is evident in all ecological systems. 

It is also evident in the human spirit and body. 

The root of the word collapse is to 'fall together'.

How then, might ecological collapse, bring us together?

We are not separate from Earth. It is the belief that we are, that has led to what we know call climate change, or more accurately, climate collapse. The grief that lays dormant in the human psyche is a powerful thing. It needs to be approached with care and respect. 

For a few years I have been assisting individuals to meet their grief for the state of the planet through ritual photography. We connect to the once life filled forests that are now scars on the earth. We connect to our love for life in the face of despair and hopelessness and commit ourselves to listening and feeling the grief in our own hearts and in the land. 

Joanna Macy says that until we feel the pain of the natural world, we cannot be adequately molded to meet the times we are living within. Dare we speak to the grief and hear what it has to say? When we do, when we feel our shame, pain, and despair, can we come into the presence of our power and connection with one another?

Hopelessness is a natural byproduct of collapse. And yet, the more ecological collapse we hear about, it is the lack of proximity to it within ourselves, that prevents us from feeling empowered. Anxiety is natural but if we cannot feel our own inner collapse, if we cannot bring life into the places within ourselves that want to give up, we cannot hope to take meaningful action. 

These images are a reflection of what it means to meet and befriend the parts of ourselves that want to collapse under the weight of the world we live in. It offers glimmers of transcendence so that those who see the loss of life also see the regeneration that is possible when we face what we are most afraid of. 



Featured Images from Collapse

These images we created over the course of a few years and are a glimpse into a creative and embodied deep dive into an emergent body of work. It is the type of work that rocks the creator to their core and so as I listen to what wants to borne through me, I am seeking support for its becoming (likely as a book and film). If you would like to support this work coming to life, please get in touch.