Birthing your brand essence into magnetic expression through embodiment, ritual, storytelling and art




How I Can Help You Birth Your Magic into The World?

Your brand is so much more than just strategy and content--it is a story that emerges through an alchemical process and is unique to you! Your body holds your essence, your vision, your soul purpose and embodiment is the key to birth your soul 'business'.

Combining somatic healing, embodiment practice, ritual, strategy, and sacred storytelling we go on a journey to connect to your intuitive wellspring (your soma) and access the creative wild landscape of your embodied essence.

You will meet your life's work and purpose, in a new way, finding, feeling and freeing the root wounds that are limiting your soul expression.

Embodied Brand Coaching is a 3 month coaching container for those who are launching an online business or have an established business but experiencing challenges in the embodiment of their business.



For generations women's bodies have been controlled and dominated over by the Patriarchy.

We are a bridge generation.

Every time we make a conscious choice to live from our passion and for our purpose, we are healing ancestral trauma's that still live in our bodies.

This is why it can be so overwhelming to share our gifts with the world. We are liberating ourselves and birthing a new world. 

I envision a future where women are liberated from the fear of being seen, where speaking their truth and sharing their gifts is effortless, and living from their purpose births a new world.

Over 3 months you will receive: 

  • MONTHLY BRAND VISION session focused on your unique medicine and the strategies to support your empowered and embodied expression in the world

  • MONTHLY EMBODIMENT session focused on developing somatic resources for you to embody more deeply as you grow your business and share your brand with the world

  • MONTHLY SACRED STORY session focused on exploring the resonance of your truth through embodied writing practices

You will also receive weekly copy-writing support/content guidance via text and voice notes.

$5,000 investment (payment plan available)


+ You are feeling stuck behind a wall of self-doubt and perfectionism and would love feeling supported in overcoming these blocks in your business with creative callobration 

+ You have gone through a lot of inner transformation and self-growth and want to embody these new energies in your brand but are feeling vulnerable.

+ You are committed to a holistic approach in your business, with conscious, authentic messaging and consensual sales that empower people.

+ You want your most impactful story and messaging to be authentically communicated and felt across your entire brand and public presence online

+ You want to feel somatically and emotionally resourced to show up online authentically and to courageously meet the unprocessed emotions that come up when we embody our purpose more fully. 

+ You’re ready to feel next level confidence and ease when it comes to your brand embodiment. Doubt be gone!

+ You know you need the energetically aligned brand content and strategy to connect more authentically with your brand and audience. 



of what is included. This is a custom offering designed specifically for your needs, but here is just an idea of what might be included.


When we are in relationship with our essence on a daily basis, we are guided to infinite opportunities to experience who we are here to be. The subtle and mysterious distillation of all that we truly are organically moves us, if we trust. When you devotedly meet the indescribable and pure part of yourself as you move towards deeper communal belonging, you develop a deeply trusting relationship with your essence and experience your body as the home of your soul's truth.


In the new paradigm of the feminine economy,  soul led business invites us into our energy bodies and all they hold. If we so not do the shadow work, our creations will not be the transformative force for good that we long for them to be. Your devotion, courage, and intuition to tend to your your energetic shadows align you with your higher purpose, bringing about greater coherence and resonance with your vision.


When you descend into your soma to heal yourselves you will always rise to heal the body of the world. It takes a lot of somatic resources and courage to meet yourselves fully and to share your voice, presence, and gifts from this place. Your embodied brand is apart of your soma, it absorbs information and is a conduit to communicate with the world. It has its own felt sense and perceptive power. It needs to be tended to just as your own body does. embodied branding offers somatic practices to build resilience in your nervous system as we come into more power.


Story is the connective tissue that brings your essence, your energetics, and your soma into a high impact brand that FEELS GOOD. So often when we drop into our business our stories become stuck. We are in a time of reclaiming our stories and we are writing new ones in the process that will impact future generations. The native wisdom of your body can guide you into a rich storied landscape.



I believe that when we express from the deepest part of ourselves, we heal the world

I am one of those people who has a lot of passions and skills and sometimes it is hard to know which direction to go. I always come back to this higher purpose of Synergy. I believe that together we rise and that my liberation is your liberation and your liberation is my liberation. There are some many brilliant women sharing their gifts with the world. We forget that a few generations our feminine ancestors couldn't even have bank accounts or own property. There is a deep sister wound that heals when we come together to create culture wide change. I believe that by helping you on the path of embodying your truth and sharing your gifts, that I am honouring the work of the women who fought hard for our ability to be free.



All good

I have put together some magic for those who need an extra boost of magic to fuel their business and brand but are not ready to invest in a 1-1 mentorship




In a 2-hour Zoom session we do a body scan and inventory of your somatic experience as it connects to your brand essence and business ecosystem. We explore what practices and resources you can bring in to ground your brand into deeper embodiment for more ease, fulfillment and strength in your business. You will complete this session with a 1 month plan for deepening your brand embodiment.




In a 4-hour Zoom creative strategy and embodiment session we map out the foundation for your offering. Engaging your body/mind/spirit to receive clarity on how your purpose is wanting to manifest through you. Will will access information from your soma to bring deeper refinement to your message, visual storytelling and strategy. You will complete this session with a 3 month strategy




In a two part session we begin to meet the mythic medicine of your visionary brand and business. In phase one we will conjure the spirit of how your work and how it wants to live in the world. Weaving into the imaginal, you will receive clarity on how your sacred story wanting to artistically express through your brand. I will support you in creating an creative production strategy for the creation of your mythic media. Branding photoshoot session not included



Your expression is the medicine 

I specialize in creating personalized containers for women to meet themselves in new ways, to experience the healing of the feminine and to claim their power. As leaders we are not here to fix anyone, we are here to be a light in the dark for those following behind us. That is all. This is so counter the our existing paradigm which equates worth with doing. 

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-realization by helping you feel your essence, clear energetic blockages, learn the language of your soma and to be a living process through which your purpose becomes fulfilled. 

*Images on this page are from my session with Aubrey Rose, a feminine embodiment guide