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To the highly sensitive women who long for a different world, This wave of collective rage that is rising, is here for us, but we must approach it with care. Making our rage sacred is vital and occurs when we meet its shadow as well as its gifts. The throwing of our anger outwards at the world, if we have not developed a relationship with the power that that anger holds, will likely just fry our nervous systems and create more trauma and emotional stress Waves of rage wash us of old emotional debris. After the fire comes the cleansing, purifying rain. When we can root into the elemental nature of our bodies, we can return to energetic resources that can assist us in holding and moving large amounts of energy. If we are not somatically aware and grounded, these burts of energy can be overwhelming and because of our deep patriarchal conditioning around feminine rage, our impulse will likely be to suppress and we continue to deny collective rage its necessary function. Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes that it is not psychologically sound for us to neutralize our anger. we stop feeling and therefore are not able to push for evolutions and change. What she says next is most important: "when rage becomes a dam of creative thought and action, then it must be softened or changed" We are feeling a lot of the angst and torment of times past, the trauma's our ancestors did not have the capacity to heal. I can feel them rise up in my own psyche and feel the call for a deep purging of ancient hurt. Although a part of me wants to feed this hungry fire, another part knows that the calming waters of the feminine are also needed.

so too as we make our rage sacred, we must also make our grief sacred. The way forward cannot even be perceived let alone felt and accessed if we are not regularily emptying our vessels of the congestion of these ancient wounds. So much easier said than does as the causes and conditions continue to persist to this day.

What I most want to get across is that accessing our feeling bodies in relationship to complex collective and historical issues is itself a form of sacred activism. It impacts the whole. We are, as @adriennemareebrown fractals. What we are able to achieve within our own beings ripples out.

Reaching towards a solid earthly foundation during times of chaos, especially as a highly sensitive person, especially if you are playing the long game, is just as important as attending a rally or signing a petition. We have a long way to go together in order to see a different type of world and tending to the internalized violences that we have inherited is going to be so integral for our long term wellbeing and leadership.

Somatic Ritual Practice for making rage sacred:

Take a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day for a week to create a relationship with your anger and rage. Drop into embodied practice by breath work, conscious movement or meditation. If you can do this work in nature, that is ideal.

I like to select a sacred spot that I can go to regularly for this work and to give an offering to the Earth and supportive spirits as they are supporting you in this ritual.

You can begin by drawing an energetic boundary of protection around yourself and ask for your guides to support you in this sacred ritual. You may begin to take a few minutes to feel your Interbeing- your interconnectedness to all life by consciously feeling and taking in the environment that you are in. Smile and give gratitude to the air, the trees, the animals and plants and ancestors.

If you are white bodied, acknowledge that you are a visitor to these lands and give additional gratitude to those who territories these are.

Take at least 5 minutes to established a felt-sense connection with the earth. Do this by consciously bringing your awareness from your centre channel into your feet. Imagine roots extending to the earth through the bottom of your feet. This may take a little time to get comfortable doing but imagine, through these roots, a dense earth energy coming into your body and central channel. Imagine this energy filling the area around your body as a golden yellow light.

As this earth energy fills your body and aura, begin to shift your attention towards your heart centre. Imagine a red light at the centre of your chest. Anger exists in many parts of the body but is often found in our chest. Pay attention to how your chest/heart area feels. What is the quality of the red light in this area? Is it moving fast? Is it dense and dark or smokey?

If you are not able to feel anything at all, that's really normal. Over time, more will become available to you. If it is an overwhelming amount of sensation, you can shift that by bringing some of the earth energy to your heart or by consciously sending some of that energy into the Earth.

Slowly begin to shake your body. We are not activating some of that energy. As you begin to shake you can start to develop a deeper curiousty around your rage. What is here for me to experience at this time? What is ready to be realized? What is mine and what can I release?

You may begin to shake more or less depending on what is alive within you. You may begin to sound or make noises. Toning and sticking out your tongue not only tones your Vagus Nerve but is a powerful expression of our energetic boundaries.

As an ongoing practice, we begin to feel more of what is alive within us. This can come through images, sensations, or emotions. We pay attention to what arises but we do not fixate on them. We give them space to exist within us and to experience the sensations, feelings, thoughts, and emotions that are present.

After about 5 minutes you can begin to slow down the shaking process. You can gradually expand the amount of shaking time. Lay on the ground and feel your connection to the earth. You may want to offer a affirmation/prayer at this time, such as:

It is safe to feel my anger and rage. My anger and rage are healthy and I release any excess anger and rage that is not in service to my evolution. I trust in my ability to express my boundaries and I am able to let go of that which is ready to go.

Take some time to journal anything that came up for you. It is natural for emotions to come to the surface. Be present to these feelings and let them pass through.

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