Safe to Be Seen

A 4 week (trauma informed) somatic journey for Highly Sensitive Souls on a mission to share their stories, embody their gifts, and stand in their truth


The Power of Your Vulnerability

"Life is about showing up and being seen" - Brene Brown

I have gathered my courage, and all my experiences of overcoming my fear of being seen, and created this container to support you to embody your vulnerability. 

Why do we keep ourselves small, dim our light, give our power away and deny our truth? There is a deep cultural fear of vulnerability. I am with Brené Brown on creating a cultural revolution that puts whole heartedness at the centre of our lives. 

As a therapeutic photographer and somatic practitioner, I have worked with dozens of clients on their fears of being seen. I have learnt so much from healing this in myself as well as supporting others through the vulnerability of embodying their authentic expression. 

I have learnt that vulnerability is an essential skillset for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

Join me on this journey to finding, feeling and freeing the cultural myths around vulnerability from your soma. We will interrupt habitual patterns of hiding and experience the transformation available when you dare to be seen.

What is inside

We build bravery and transform our lives when we trust in our

  • Weekly group call that includes teachings and embodiment practices relating to each theme

  • Online forum space to share and receive support for the following year

  • An integration and practice guide for each module

$555(or two payments of

The Curriculum

There are essential tools to learn to safely practice vulnerability in our lives, relationships, business, and creative lives. Beyond the weekly classes, there will be opportunities to practice vulnerability in a safe container, you will be supported with practices and tips to actively practice vulnerability and develop your soma's capacity to feels safe being seen.

Week 1: The Vulnerability Vortex

Why is vulnerability overwhelming?

Vulnerability is one of the most denied, feared, and shamed of our essential human needs. In our modern world, it is something we have to develop our capacity around. There are common cultural myths about vulnerability that we will meet in our bodies. We will cultivate a loving relationship with our nervous system as we find out what scares us the most about being vulnerable.

Week 2: Somatic Sanctuary

What do I need to feel safe?

Moving deeper into the soma, we will feel into the stories and lived experiences that keep us from authentically relating. We will cultivate our skill at deep body listening, nervous system regulation and begin to source what we need to build an inner sanctuary that supports us as we embody and express more authentically and honestly.

Week 3: Anatomy of Trust

How can I nourish my desire for vulnerability and authenticity?

Sustained vulnerability develops our trust. Practicing vulnerability brings us to the places where we mistrust and the wounds that have led to feeling that the world is not safe. Working through Brené Brown's Anatomy of Trust we practice braving into where we can build self-trust so that we can build an unshakable trust that we are safe to be seen, felt and heard. 

Week 4: Heart Marketing

Who am I in this world?

At the root of vulnerability is self-understanding. We share vulnerably because we become more of who we are. Writing and sharing our stories is an essential process in our healing. What does it mean to grab the pen, walk into the story, feel it, and write a new ending? We need to write the truth of our stories, this is how we heal shame and truly embody our power. We feel our heart open and are filled with love. I call this heart marketing because in our current world, people bravely sharing their stories is one of the most powerful legacies we can leave behind.


The truth is

Your expression is the medicine 

I specialize in creating healing containers for people to meet themselves in new ways, to experience the healing of their stories and to claim their power. As a healer I am not here to fix anyone. I am here to be a light in the dark for want to walk with me. That is all. 

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-realization by helping you feel your essence, clear energetic blockages, learn the language of your soma and to be a living process through which your purpose becomes fulfilled. 


Lets get to know each other

I am so open to receive you into my field. What is alive for you right now? I will do my best to response within 3-5 days.


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