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embodied art therapeutic photography session


About Emergence Sessions

Creating Sacred Space for the Expression of your Personal Power

We live in bodies that are always desiring to express. I am a bit of a nerd about emergence- the organic process through which life expresses itself, and in doing so, evolves.

Call it spirit or soul, we all have an element that is always seeking deeper intimacy with life. The way we connect to our bodies gives space for Soul or Spirit to work through us. Authentic self-expression is one of the ways that we can come into the essential human experience known as belonging.

I wanted to create this session offering for anyone who feels a deep yearning or longing to embody and express from a more authentic space.  What 'emerges' in the form of embodied art carries your unique soul essence and supports you to somatically experience belonging.

We leave stories of who you are socially conditioned to be behind as we journey into embodied realms of authentic truth, moving deeper it your personal power as you gain confidence to access, embody, and express your authentic self . 

These sessions include:

  • somatic practices for authentic expression

  • nature connection

  • self-honouring ritual

  • 5 fine art images

  • inner child play


“My experience with Jenny was nothing short of transformative. She created such a safe and comfortable space for me to journey within- so much life and magic was experienced in my body. My personal myth came alive- I was able to release all I needed to. Seeing the the images that she had captured was changing moment as I’ve never seen myself in the light that she captured... soft, fierce, and feminine. She has undoubtedly tapped into her dharma and creates magic with every snap.”

Emma Ocean


Therapeutic Photography

Are you ready to see yourself anew?

I offer clients a trauma-informed, therapeutic approach to photography. From both personal and professional experience, I believe that images are powerful tools for self-inquiry, healing, and transformation on an individual and social level. When the camera and images are viewed as agents of personal or social change, a greater possibility within photography opens up.

By brining embodiment, nature connection, and ritual into my therapeutic photography sessions, body/mind/spirit are welcomed into a sacred, safe container where authentic soul expression can be explored.

When people use Therapeutic Photography techniques for their own personal self-inquiry or intentional change process the experience, as well as the images, become “medicine". This is true for self-portraits (how I discovered therapeutic photography) and much more is activated and processed such experiences while under the guidance and care of a professional.

With that being said, I am not a therapist and because there is no prior training in therapeutic theory or counselling skills required for those doing Therapeutic Photography, there is no protective counselling framework in place with which to immediately contain and resolve any emotional consequences that might erupt for people participating in those activities.

My integrative somatic-trauma therapy training, years of therapy, and skills in creating safe, sacred space are apart of the container of these sessions.

Therapeutic Photography may actually precipitate the need for a certified therapist to help “finish” what has come to light during these sessions. I am available post-session to support you in working with photo-triggered personal insights and emotional reactions but may recommend a formal structure of deeper therapy process as recommended by the PhotoTherapy Centre



What to expect

These are in-person therapeutic art sessions. I am based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia but I am willing to travel for a fee or group bookings/retreat offerings 

The flow is the general flow:

we book a free 20 minute consultation call. You will then decide if this session is for you and pay your deposit ($300-$400)

Once deposit is paid we will book the date of your session. We collaborate on the location. You receive journal and embodiment prompts to begin to feel into what is emerging for you in this phase of your life. 

If travel is required, we will sort those details out closer to the date, as well as any ritual, prop, or wardrobe support.

Sessions are sliding scale $600-$800 and include 5 images. Additional images can be purposed separately.  If you intend to use images for branding purposes an additional charge applies to session and images.   


Embodied Art Sessions

I offer special and custom embodied ritual art experiences, that combines ritual, nature connection, embodiment, storytelling and photography/film. These are deep and powerful immersions into your authentic expression and help you to access the wellspring of your creative genius. 

If you are an entrepreneur and have the desire to reveal the essence of your work with me, please a free consultation call.