Wild Embodiment Mentorship

For Fearless Femme Leaders


Ceremony of the One Soma

Embodied Leadership requires we weave ourselves back into nature, to restore resonance with land and re-story our lives through the wisdom of the earth

Your body is a pathway of remembrance, reclamation, and resurrection of the animate feminine force that guides life.


I work through a trauma informed, somatic lens, guiding leaders who are dreaming up and embodying new worlds into their fullest expression


About this work

This container offers an intersectional, wholistic and resilience approach to mind-body healing, personal growth, and leadership. This means that we work together towards tangible goals for establishing a baseline of energetic resources to for you to be able to step into embodied leadership.

This is a 3 month mentorship designed to teach a process of coming back into a profoundly deep and stabilizing relationship with your body, the earth, and your purpose.

Wildness is an innate embodied intelligence, a thread that weaves all life together. Our draw to the wild is not to merge back to some unattainable primal origins, but to repair an evolutionary functions that have been disrupted by our modern lifestyles, the persecution and violation of the feminine and by personal and ancestral systems of oppression.



Somatic healing is the bridge we walk back home to ourselves. It is the embodied pathway that connects our bodies to the land and the land to our spirit. wild embodiment is more than a process of deep body restoration during times of stress and trauma, it is a blueprint for radical resilience and impact

We will meet bi-weekly over 3 months. You will be supported through somatic practice, ritual and embodied leadership activations, guiding you deeper into connection with your soul's calling.  

$1,500 in full or $600 per month

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