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Full day retreat for embodying the wild feminine





A journey into your primal body

Our bodies are a portal. 

As women, our power resides in our bodies. From our wombs, we birth new life. From our hearts, we cultivate loving relationships. From our bones, we connect to our strength. From our blood, we can hear our ancestors. 

And yet so many of us are living chronically disconnected from our bodies. Disembodiment is an inherited condition. Disregulated nervous systems, inflammation, anxiety, depression, dis-ease are all symptoms that we need to tend to our bodies.

We not only have the power to heal our mental, emotional and physical challenges through embodiment but to regenerate culture!

When we open up our felt sense and feel into our inner landscape, we weave ourselves back into Earth. Rewilding is a dynamic embodiment process that can support in nervous systems repair, trauma release, and so much more. 

Join me and 10 other women on a journey to return to your wild nature.

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"We are filled with a longing for the wild. There are few cultural sanctioned antidotes for this yearning. We are taught to feel shame for such desire."

Clarissa Pinkola Estés




Nikiah Seeds

Jenny's artistry is being able to see magic in the most extraordinary way and channeling it into her photography sessions and photos as pieces of art.
I have had the privilege of working with Jenny on several occasions and in several stunning locations that she planned for us and all I can say is that everytime I am amazed and delighted with the imagery that comes from our photo sessions together. For anyone on the fence about the investment, all I can say is that it is worth it a thousand times, as you will come away with pieces of art that will last a lifetime.
Nikiah Seeds

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October 23rd, 2022 from 10am-5pm

Together we will tend to our bodies, hearts, and spirits. We will create sacred, safe space for the mystery to emerge as we deepen our embodiment and sense of interconnectedness. We will resource our nervous systems and feed our longing to feel one with the natural world 

  • Somatic practice for nervous system restoration

  • Grief Tending Ritual

  • Earth Alter Building

  • Wild Body Movement (dancing in nature practice)

  • Wild Embodiment Photoshoot

  • Writing the Wild practice

  • Cold water therapy (optional)

  • Local, organic gourmet lunch provided



Grow Wild Retreats

Selecting a venue for a retreat is a big deal. The moment I walked on to Adrienne's land, I had such a strong feeling. Located 15 minutes from Shawnigan Lake, Grow Wild is a third generation off-grid Family Farm! Their focus is on community, sustainability, creativity and above all love and respect for all living creatures. They are committed to regenerative agriculture practices and offering unique, one of a kind experiences.

This is  a place to heal, rest, build and share friendship, love, food, and community.



What is it and why does it matter?

Wild Embodiment is a practice I have been developing my whole life. I have always felt most at home in my body when in nature. Wild Body Somatic's is the practice of creating space between the body and the breathing, living earth. We are creatures of the earth but live in an industrialized society that depends on us feeling separate from (and above) nature.

To heal our bodies during these times requires us to remember how to be an animals who live close to the earth. This is a life long practice. There is no quick fix for returning to connection with the natural world but when we practice wild embodiment, a new terrain opens up for us to inhabit. 

Attending to the process of becoming animal, writes David Abram, will birth a new cosmology. Our sense of what is possible will radically transform, our sensory experiences will expand, our capacity to experience life will grow. 


"What if thought is not born within the human skull, but is a creativity proper of the body as a while, arising spontaneously from the slippage between an organism and the folding terrain that it wanders? What if the curious curve of thought is engender by the difficult eros and tension between our flesh and the flesh of the earth?

David Abram



I Am Jenny Ann Holden

I have been guiding and witnessing women expand into their wildness for the last 5 years. Being present to this deep reclamation work has completely transformed my life. I am always expanding my knowledge of trauma, body-based therapies, and the role that nature, story, embodiment, and art play in our individual and collective transformation.