Speak to me in the language of your Soul.

Show me the stories live in your body

My name is Jenny Ann. I am a somatic practitioner, embodiment guide, mythic storyteller, and Earth Body learning to right my relationship to land. 

I work within subtle energy realms to receive guidance and support to deliver my creative service.

I am consciously aware that each Being is a multifaceted creature with infinite power within their body to manifest their dreams AND that we all are apart of complex social structures based on a power-over paradigm.

And as we re-embody, we track our way through the complex challenges caused by trauma and systems of oppression- our own and that of our ancestors. 

Although I consider myself a spiritual practitioner, I do not by-pass pain and grief that lives inside your body as a result of intergeneration trauma and a culture of disconnection. I will hold you with compassion and care as we move through what is blocking you from living fully from your purpose.



Embodiment is a process of recognizing our distance from our body and slowly moving back into relationship with what lives inside of us. When we re-embody, we move into the places where trauma lives. In embodiment we shift the blockages, move trapped energy, and begin to source from the vitality of our soma. 

Embodiment equals transformation!

I offer eco-somatic, nature based-ritual experiences that creates a safe container/sanctuary in which you can soften into what is and explore what emerges as a direct response to our embodied awareness. The mystery and magic of embodiment is that whatever emerges is the medicine. 

Somatic Sanctuary Sessions are a safe space for you to remember and reclaim, through felt experience, the power within you. Whether you simply need a supportive space to come into deeper rest and restoration or a space to move an interpersonal or collective shock wave through your soma, I am here to support you through whatever it is your body needs.

Wild Embodiment Leadership Mentorship is a 3 month deep dive into Self, Soul, and Soma. We explore the edges that you are meeting in your purpose and break through self-limiting beliefs and begin to embody deeper your radically authentic truth



I stand for the power of story and embodiment to transform our world.

I work with individuals, brands, and groups to embody and share transformative stories. When we are connected to our soul, when we express from our soma, when our story is alive with life, the sacred flows through us, touches others, and the changes the world. 

I am sacred story midwife. My unique creative methodology and multifaceted skillset is equal parts invocation, ceremony, and strategy. I take on a very limited number of creative photography/film/branding clients each year. If you would like to find out more about this aspect of my work, lets connect.





I offer special and custom embodied art experiences, that combines ritual, nature connection, embodiment and photography/film. These are deep and powerful immersions into your expression


I work with spiritual and creative entrepreneurs, supporting them in offering their gifts to the world. From brand photoshoots to deeper dives into their lives work and purpose.

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Collaboration is one of the most generative and exciting ways to create. From idea seeding to full on execution of a collaborative vision, I am available to help birth something that you couldn't do on your own. Whether you are a retreat provider or leader in your field, I love to connect on ways that our work may align.

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