Work With Me

Speak to me in the language of your soma.

What stories live in your body?

As a somatic practitioner, storyteller, and Earth Body learning to right my relationship to land, I work within subtle energy realms to receive guidance and support to deliver my creative service.

I am consciously aware that each being is a multifaceted creature with infinite power within their body to manifest their dreams AND that we all are apart of complex social structures based on power-over paradigm.

And as we re-embody, we track our way through the complex challenges caused by trauma and systems of oppression- our own and that of our ancestors. 

Although I consider myself a spiritual practitioner, I do not by-pass pain and grief that lives inside your body as a result of intergeneration trauma and a culture of disconnection. I will hold you with compassion and care as we move through what is blocking you from living fully from your purpose.


Sacred Story Studio

I stand for the power of story and embodiment to transform our world.

I work with individuals, brands, and groups to embody and share transformative stories. When we are connected to our soul, when we express from our soma, when our story is alive with life, the sacred flows through us, touches others, and the changes the world. 

I am sacred story midwife. My unique creative methodology and multifaceted skillset is equal parts invocation, ceremony, and strategy.



Each individual, regardless of the pleasures and joys of their lives, are holding a thread of collective soul sickness. Soul loss is created by trauma and is the source of our disconnection and seperation.

“Though we have physical boundaries woven of flesh,  psychological barriers woven of our beliefs and actions,”  writes pagan priestess and writer Karen Clark, “still we are in constant, intimate contact with each other and our environment, sharing breath, sharing emotions, actions and reactions, and beneath it all, sharing energy.”

When we experience individual soul loss, (trauma),  the struggles of humanity and the fragile planet, we experiences and feel it too. “Together with our fellow humans and the plants, creatures and powers of Mother Earth, we are co-informing and co-creating this world.” When we do the work to bring soul back into our lives we are engaged in this sacred task and therefore become a positive contribution to the wholeness that serves and sustains us all.


Your Embodied Magic

Ceremonial Branding Sessions

Ceremony, ritual, deep earth medicine for unfurling your deepest truth and soulful expression. These images tell more than just a story, they are a powerful portal for you to journey with and ground into as you share your medicine with the world.

Your Session Includes:

  • Vision Call 

  • Safe To Be Seen preparation call

  • Full day photoshoot (up to 3 locations)

  • Hair/makeup and styling

  • 15 high resolution images

  • 25% off additional images + film clips




Soma Story 

Somatic Storytelling Sessions

Sit with your soma and the story of your life with naturally reveal itself. With no objective or goal other than to create a safe space for your soma to speak to and through your embodiment, the images from this session are a wordless testimony of your radiant soul and all that she knows.

Your session includes:

  • Vision call

  • Safe to Be Seen preparation call

  • 2 hour photoshoot experience

  • 5 high resolution photos




1-1 Mentorship

Deep body, creative living, wild imagination, passion and purpose, ritual, magic and meaning. These are qualities of life that I live by and guide you to access in your life, work and purpose.


Wild Embodiment Mentorship

Your body is a pathway of remembrance, reclamation, and resurrection of the animate feminine force that guides life.

I work through a trauma informed, somatic lens, guiding leaders who are dreaming up and embodying new worlds. Embodiment mentorship offers an intersectional, wholistic and resilience approach to mind-body healing, personal growth, and leadership. This means that we work together towards tangible goals for establishing a baseline of energetic resources for you to be able to step into embodied leadership, self-awareness, and resilience.

This is a deep dive 1-1 designed to support a transformative process of coming back into a profoundly resilient and stabilizing relationship with your body, the earth, and your purpose so that you can expand your impact. Wildness is an innate embodied intelligence, a thread that weaves all life together.

Our draw to the wild is not to merge back to some unattainable primal origins, but to repair an evolutionary functions that have been disrupted by our modern lifestyles, the persecution and violation of the feminine and by personal and ancestral systems of oppression.